ecGlobal: An e-business global solution

ecGlobal, with motto: we collaborate commerce easy in global, was founded to use
digital advances to assist Brand Owners or Designers to promote and distribute their
products into global marketplaces. It began with the goal of setting up sales network
in different countries for local sellers who are in search of simple, smartness and
convenience in the distribtion process. By using ecGlobal services, Brand Owners or
Designers not only can save time to focus on the product design and quality
development but also on the analysis of the market data.

ecGlobal is committed to leverage high performance technologies and innovation in
the selling, marketing and logistics process. It also has strong supports from both
experienced e-commerce practitioners and experts in research and development of
customer interfaces. ecGlobal is continuing this trajectory by incorporating the best
people onto their already superior technology base.
Anson Ocean Enterprise Limited

Anson Ocean Enterprise Ltd., over the years it has grown to become one of the fast
growing and dynamic company specializing in distribution of diverse range of 3C
(Computers/Communications/Consumer) products in Hong Kong with operations in
Hong Kong, PRC, S.E.A., USA, Canada, Middle East, Japan and Africa, in which they
have built an excellent reputation for service and quality.

They understand their customers’ business, providing the right product competitively
priced, attractively packaged, and with the highest level of after sales support in the
industry. Within the region, they have become the Sole Distributor of several portable
tech gadgets.
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We always meet and select different strategic investors for solid high growth enterprises from which they would
get attractive long-term return after the companies have leverage with new business, new products or partners
in a new ecosystem.

We think big with our partners and provide support to achieve their largest aspirations.
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