When we meet some potential but small businesses, we act as your strategic consultant in the overall design
and implementation of your business or new business concept. Aeon Technology focuses on angel and early
stage companies across a broad spectrum of technologies. We understand that our clients are able to develop
solid ideas and technologies; however, not knowing how to package and market those ideas to the venture
capital community can slow growth and execution of strategic initiatives. We will assist you in packaging your
business technology,  or industry innovation into a coherent, strategic, focused, and professional presentation
to the venture capital, angel investor, and small business financing community.

Venture Capital Consultancy

  1. Business Plan Preparation
  2. Business Valuation
  3. Concept Paper
  4. Competitive Strategy
  5. Feasibility Analysis
  6. Investor Representation
  7. Intellectual Property Rights
  8. Market Validation
  9. Market Research
  10. Marketing Plan
  11. Marketing Collateral
  12. Patent Representation
  13. Revenue Model Analysis
  14. Source Code Escrow
Pre-IPO Consultancy

We assist businesses in developing or achieving goals that lead to success. Corporate consultants offer a wide
range of services that include evaluating an existing process or structure, fine tuning some or many aspects of
the company’s operation, and offering practical training to key people or address the overall function of the
company. We may also address the efficiency and cohesion of a particular section or department of a
corporation. We can assist clients in performing an internal control review to determine the listing applicant’s
readiness state.
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Franchise Consultancy

Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, there is a benefit to using our franchise consultancy service.  We
sit down with our clients to discuss their interests and skills and determine what the best franchise is for
them.We help them every step of the way. We also provide ideas and concepts to help your expansion and
attract potential franchisees. In fact, our experts are both helping franchises expand as well as finding potential
franchisees to invest. We believe it is the most efficient way to acquire the market share and improve the cost of