About Us
Aeon Technology Limited (AT), through the join-in of experts from different industries and professions, we
provide a wide range of
Entrepreneurial Partnership Services to different clients. AT has developed as an
execution partner with visionary entrepreneurs to build business models, provide e-solutions, brand
development and venture capital consulting.

Our formula is simple: We ask questions, listen, and help you determine the needs and goals of your business.
Individualized strategies are then used to maximize the return on your investment.

Since June 2006 we have been selected to admit the “Cyberport Digital Entertainment IncuTrain Programme”
which is managed by
Hong Kong Cyberport and completed it with merit. Afterwards we disposed the online
game section and repositioned ourself to be an entrepreneurial facilitator from 2010.  

With much experience in telecom, business and finance, our corporate advantage is able to design, produce
and promote e-business and at the same time creating expansion opportunities for business owners.
We works with from startup to medium sized firms to research, organize and manage market
expansion, sales growth, financing and capitalization.
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